The Legacy of Xerxes Essay

Xerxes lived from 520 to 465BC. He was the grandson of Cyrus and son of Darius. Xerxes was placed into succession in line with the ancient Greek vem som st?r Herodotus, because Xerxes was the first child of Darius's wife Atossa. Xerxes daddy Darius 1 died in 486BC, which is wherever Xerxes took over for his father and became king.

Xerxes continued his father technique of consolidating and tightening control of the empire, particularly in Egypt, Babylon and Asiatic Portugal. Xerxes sensed he necessary to invade Greece as he failed to want to fall short of Darius's desire to reprimand them, he hoped to just frighten these people but then designed to conquer them in battle since distressing the Greeks into distribution did not work out.

In Xerxes time as full he would a lot to bear in mind his legacy, although explanations of Xerxes are different about how how persons remembered him as a ruler and innovator. Xerxes himself describes his character being a legitimate leader, just to almost all, able to control his temper, dedicated to his daddy and the the almighty of Ahuramazda.

The view with the Persians and Asiatic Greeks was that he was a experienced with noble presence, nice, honest, chivalrous and capable of uplifting great reverence.

The European Greek traditions is however scathing of Xerxes functions as a california king claiming this individual did not have personality, nature, or view to be a superb king/leader.

Looking at the reality Xerxes exhibits all the anticipated traits of a king, having been serious in the role of Persia, the administration plus the punishment of Greece.

During Xerxes intend to invade Greece he uncounted risks and problems but minimized problems by careful thinking, this shows Xerxes did have some sort of patience and had the cabability to think before taking action and producing the wrong decision. This bit of information backs Xerxes interpretation of him has having the capacity to make view of conditions.

Xerxes chosen to build a apretado and a bridge to fix practical concerns during the lengthy walks...


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