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Phase - 1

1) Briefly explain the evolution of microprocessor based upon IC manufacturing technology time frequency & instruction circuit.

2) Explain Moore's rules.

3) What do you understand by simply instruction set?

4) Establish following essential wordy particular to digital system design.

(a) Synthesis(b) Specification

(c) Analysis(d) Implementation

5) What is dynamic stationary instruction in short , explain.

6) Define cpu performance.

7) How can you estimate processor performance using Straightener law?

8) How can you enhance processor functionality?

9) Briefly explain original model pertaining to processor functionality evaluation.

10) Briefly explain simulation centered processor efficiency evaluation technique.

11) Precisely what is instruction level parallel control?

12) Just how pipeline control increase the overall performance of a processor.

13) How will you estimate the performance of the parallel processor chip?

14) What is processor level parallelism?

15) What are the constraints of training level parallelism?

16) Quickly explain all the classification of ILP equipment.

17) Precisely what is super scalar machine?

18) Distinguish between extremely scales & very long instruction word equipment.

(1)Briefly make clear the evolution of microprocessor based on IC fabrication technology clock frequency & instruction cycle? The first microprocessor, the Intel 4004, was introduced in 1971. The 4004 was a 4-bit processor consisting of approximately 2300 transistors having a clock frequency of just over 100 kilohertz (kHz). The primary program was to get building calculators. The year 2001 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the birth of microprocessors.

The astonishing decades from the evolution of microprocessors

| |1970-1980 |1990-2000 |000-2010 |2000-2010 | |Transistor count |2K-100K |100K-1M |1M-100M |100M-2B | |Clock frequency |0. 1-3 MHz |3-30 MHz |30MHz-lGHz |1-15 GHz | |Instructions/cycle |0. one particular |0. 1-0. 9 |0. 9-1. 9 |1. 9-2. 9

(3) So what do you understand simply by instruction established?

Critical to the instruction arranged processor is definitely the instruction arranged architecture, which will specifies features that must be executed by the instructions set cpu. The ISA plays many crucial functions in teaching set processor chip design.

(4) Define pursuing key wordy respective to digital system design. [pic]

Fig: - Engineering Style.

Specification: the specification is in the form express machine points that include the specification in the state parameters as well as the outcome and next express functions. Synthesis: Synthesis may be the more creative task that searches for possible solutions and performs several tradeoffs and design optimizations to arrive at the best solution. Setup: The rendering is the real hardware style described utilizing a hardware description language HDL can range by logic entrance and flip-flops, to more complex modules, including decoders and multiplexers, to entire practical modules, such as adders and multipliers. Evaluation: Analysis examines an execution to determine if and how very well it meets the specs.

(5) What is dynamic stationary instruction quickly explain.

We have discussed two critical tasks played by the ISA. Initially, it provides a agreement between the application and the hardware, which facilitates the independent development of programs and machines. Second, an ISA serves as the specification pertaining to microprocessor design and style. All implementations must satisfy the requirements and support the functionality specified in the ISA. Additionally to these two critical jobs, each ISA has a third role. Natural in the meaning of every ISA is an assoc served...


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