Tie Coloring Essay

Lesson Plan Weeks Starting May on the lookout for –16, 2011

Grade on the lookout for Visual Arts

Topic: Textile and Design and style ManipulationTopic: Tie up Dye

Period: 4 sessions x 40 mins every

General Target

To be able to work with appropriate components to create styles on textile by various tie dyeing techniques.

Specific Objectives

At the conclusion of the lesson students are able to:

вњ“ 1 ) Define Link Dye

вњ“ 2 . List materials needed for tie dyeing

вњ“ several. Explain Tie up Dye as being a resist dyeing

вњ“ 5. Know several techniques and explain each of them

вњ“ 5. Define one, double and triple dyeing while detailing colour alter

вњ“ six. Tie absorb dyes a piece of textile to be employed as mind tie or perhaps wrap.


Resist RepelMordantFixative TritikRuching

Main Concepts

Tie Dye: a type of fabric adornment technique in which cord and also other articles are used as withstand

Double Dyeing: process of dyeing two times..

Repel: to keep off

Resist: to avoid the coloring from soaking into the textile.

Mordant: type of substance that is used allowing the absorb dyes to stay around the fabric. Mordants are mostly utilized in natural absorb dyes. Natural dye is made from things like plants one example is onion skin.

Fixative: white vinegar and sodium which allow the dye to be fast for the fabric. Applied mostly in hot water coloring. They are also types of mordant.

Tritik: A connect dye approach that is stitched

Ruching: Tie up dye technique that the cord is folded in the textile which gives a crushed natural cotton look.

Colour Change: a chance to blend two or more colours which will allow a new color to occur.

Pre-requisite Skill: understanding of colour.

Intro Students is going to observe other students style African Wrap in Tie up Dye.


вќ– The first step....



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